It’s Just You

Its Just You

The morning rises onto you,

The sun shines brighter onto you,

The sparkle in your eyes shines brighter than the sun,

Talking to your eyes is a great fun…

The sun sets overhead at noon,

And unveils the beauty of your hair soon,

The unmatched beauty of your glossy hair,

Watching such amazing sights is too very rare…

At the dusk the sun sets low,

And starts following your footsteps in a row,

Steps that even the tides can’t wash away,

Such a grandeur marks the end of the day…

At night, the moon rises,

Along with stars of various sizes,

But a prettier thing exists right here,

To see it, just look into the mirror…

How hard nature might have tried,

To create things by your side,

So that your wonderful beauty they could obtain,

But all those trials are only in vain…

—–Darsh Khetan


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