Your Life, Your Rules

Your LIfe, Your Rules

You may choose to limit yourself to boundaries,

You may choose to extend those limits…

You jump off a cliff to either just keep dropping down,

Or to fly high…

You may choose to walk to just stroll around,

Or to traverse for the completion of your journey…

You may choose to walk with the load on your back the world has put on you,

Or choose to throw it off and enjoy a run…

You may remain grieving for your past,

Or just kick it off and prepare for a better future…

You may remain a slave to the world’s expectations,

Or be the one to rule your own life…

You may choose to remain in the dark to go unnoticed,

Or look into the eyes of the Sun and become someone greater than him…

You may choose to lead your life as others have outlined it for you,

Or shape it to suit yourself and live to the fullest…

—–Darsh Khetan


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