Colours Of Joy

Colours of Joy

This world was created with all kinds of colours,

Colours that signified all kinds of feelings,

Colours that acted as fillers,

Fillers, when people were making emotional dealings…

With the evolution of ages,

Colours of joy seemed to fade away,

Only those of envy filled everyone’s pages,

Creeping into the lives of all beings, pessimism was making their way…

Smile was the greatest gift all possessed,

Jealous of one another even in this aspect,

Some with their smiles were over-obsessed,

To this unmatched gift of God, they failed to pay respect…

Today I see my fellow beings looking for reasons to smile,

Because their hearts are filled with pains,

Pains that keep varying on this walk of life with every mile,

Pains that left no room for joyful gains…

Think over it my friends,

Where is it that your happiness lies?

In keeping up with all kinds of worldly trends?

Or in making a heap of wealth that touches those skies?

Wealth, forever won’t last,

Banish this excuse of joy,

Trends keep changing fast,

Abandon this excuse of joy…

Joy comes by sharing it,

You give some, you gain more,

There is no point in preserving it,

By sharing happiness, you increase its score…

So aim to create those vanished colours again,

Painted will be your world with whichever one you call,

No patch of any ugly colour should remain,

And when done, pass those colours to all…

—– Darsh Khetan


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