The Two Paths Of Life

The Two Paths of Life

We enter this world into our mothers’ womb,

And after death, get buried in a tomb.

Meanwhile, you’ve got two ways to pass your time,

You’ll read only one of them in this rhyme.

Your childhood expects obedience from you,

No matter if from pursuing your dreams it refrains you.

The world just expects you stand up to the society,

And keep praying for everything to deity.

Your teenage expects you to be a less versatile,

Getting you back on track after every single mile,

Just because all fear later in life you will fail,

So on unbounded seas, you are forbidden to sail.

Your youth expects you to be highly ambitious,

Even if you wish to be introvert but gracious.

If you’re introvert they think you cannot achieve greats,

‘Cause being extrovert is one of great men’s traits.

Your middle age expects you to be a family man,

They won’t let you live alone in this part of your life span.

You get engaged in your family affairs,

How you actually want to live, nobody cares.

Your old age expects you to rest in peace,

The world awaits when your heartbeat would cease.

Even if you find your life enjoyable,

To stand up to world’s sting, you won’t be able.

If you satisfy all these expectations of the society,

They would regard you as respectful and mighty.

No matter if you have not done any noble deeds meanwhile,

No matter if you made no person in this world, smile.

This way of life will give you peace all life long,

You get no chance to go anywhere wrong.

But you’ll feel happier spending your time the another way,

And about that one, nothing I need to say.

—– Darsh Khetan


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