Unveiling The Truth Of Your Devotion

Unveiling The Truth of Your Devotion

Ever wondered why do you worship God?

Ever wondered what is your aim in praying to him?

Is it your devotion to him, really?

Or is it fear for him that makes you pray?

Is it the fear of the exceptional devotees around you

That makes you pray

Ever thought of raising your voice

Against this trend prevailing around you?

You beg of him for the attainment of your dreams,

For the peaceful continuation of your life

And of your loved ones.

You beg of him for materialistic gains,

Making some illogical deals with him,

Asking for lavish lives,

In return of a coconut or a garland.

Then you say he does not fulfill your wishes,

While the truth is,

Even he has refused to sign such foolish deal of yours.

I fail to understand

When will the world around me realise this?

He isn’t the one who shapes up your life for you,

It’s you yourself who has to do that.

Stop clinging to his idols for false hopes,

As you have become used to them.

When asked to abandon this practice,

You start finding some other things to worship.

Why has it become necessary for all,

To remain slaves to someone or the other?

Worship your dreams,

As if they come to you,

They will give you immense happiness.

Be thankful to your life itself,

For whatever peace it has given to you,

So that it gives you some more of it.

Keep praying to your ambitions,

As they are the ones

Who will give you the wealth you wish for.

And most of all,

Remain a slave only to yourself,

You need not beg any idol made of stone,

For your well-being.

Believe in God if you wish to,

But do not hold him responsible

For anything and everything happening in your life.

He is not the one who decides your birth or death,

Your parents are the ones who gave birth to you,

Be thankful to them for it.

Your karma is responsible for your death,

Hold up grudges against yourself for your death,

As you’re the one who frames the karma of your life.

God is only a medium

Of holding up the weak ones with their lives.

Believe in him if you think you are one amongst them.

Discrimination on the basis of worshipping him,

Is just insane.

He is nobody who groups you into clans,

It’s you yourself.

Free yourself of it.

Be the only one responsible for your own life,

You yourself should be

The source of light of hope,

That brightens up your life and the world around you.

—– Darsh Khetan


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