That Lonely Girl


The wind blew cold and wild at her window,
As she neared it with her footsteps slow.
Tears from her eyes went down flowing,
And a pain in her heart was rapidly growing.

She could feel the wind rubbing by her skin,
And those tears went dripping down her chin,
When suddenly she felt a touch that was long gone,
The touch that could make every bit of happiness in her, turn on.

She turned around and embraced him tight,
For a long time he had been out of her sight
And now that he was here with her,
She wanted him to be with her forever.

Just about when this wish was made,
Away that divine touch began to fade,
Having such a dream, she thought, was insane,
And she grew morose, all over again.

She’d been trying hard to accept the fact,
She’d been trying hard to keep a pact,
That she would be happy, with all her heart,
Even when they lived miles apart.

Time and again she convinced herself,
Looking at his gifts for her in her shelf,
That he loved her more than just enough,
For her to stay strong, though doing so was tough.

Coping from this pain just like the previous million times,
To calm her soul, she began to sing few rhymes,
When her ears encountered a voice she had long awaited,
And this time she knew, it was no false vision created.

-Darsh Khetan


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