A Cipher


Originally drawn up as a number, the cipher,
This is just what we fail to remember;
Using it these days in a way another,
Calling it as a name to each other.

The person you once looked down upon as a loser,
Today turns out to be quite wiser;
Yes, maybe not in an arena the same,
But in another, he surely has his fame.

Before you realised, he stood there tall,
That great ego of yours, he’s about to stall;
Your places ,interchanged, you should notice,
And I know, my friend, you are abhoring this.

You’re craving to get back to your place,
And stand proudly looking right at his face;
But today fortune bestows upon him,
The one you thought had a wisdom dim.

Such times give us the taste of a disgustful feeling,
For us to learn to be polite in our dealings;
To learn to treat everyone with respect,
Because the same in return we expect.

-Darsh Khetan

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