Success Flying High


Happy about the fact
That your plane of success
Floats high in the sky?

Ever wondered
Who the pilot is?
Who does the crew consist of?
Let’s do it now,
Break this to you today.
Your self-confidence
Plays the pilot,
Essentially driving your success.
And your dear ones
Play the cabin crew
Supporting the pilot
Helping him do his job well.
Your achieved goals
Playing the fuel
Pushing your success up higher.
Your dreams
Play the passengers
Who are to be taken
To their destination.

Having known this
Now you might wonder
Why does this plane of success
Ever crash?
The reasons behind it?
The underlying secrets?
It crashes when
The pilot cannot perform well
Confidence in yourself fails;
When the cabin crew
Forget the importance
Of their role;
Your near ones
Look down upon you
Or when the fuel in the engine
Runs out;
When your achieved goals
Aren’t enough
To motivate you
To reach the next goal.
And the most fatal drawback
Lies of the passengers,
Your dreams,
Because once killed,
They are gone forever.

Keep the faith in yourself
And keep achieving success,
Because a dead dream
Never reborns.

-Darsh Khetan

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