Still Together


Tearing my heart apart,
She drained out all the love it had;
When I saw her kiss him hard,
Thinking of me, not even a tad.

She feels nothing for him, she says,
Knows not how it all happened;
She wants us to live our happy days,
To keep each other’s love that we gained.


I know not how to tell her,
The man she loved is now long gone;
The love she wants to remember,
Is now dead as a stone.


Against her, I hold no grudge,
But do so against my own self;
In my love she couldn’t indulge
Enough to hold her back herself.


We stick together, inspite of all odds,
Just because she wants me to;
At “You love me or not?” she nods,
But I know not how far it is true.


-Darsh Khetan


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