The Misunderstood

A boy I knew,

Of a kind that you

Find very few;

I met him by chance,

And he had my attention

In the first glance.
He stood there stiff,

With his foot

On the edge of the cliff;

“Don’t jump!” I screamed,

Tears from his eyes

Rolled down, streamed.
“Just like every other

You too saw some

Wrong in me, brother”

Was what he said;

Dissappointment in his eyes

Could undefiably be read.
“I don’t want to die,

Only wish to see how it feels

To  be somewhere so high,

High above the world,

Where, to me, nobody

Can utter a word.
In such silence,

I seek opportunities

For the time hence,

To do some good,

Follow my dreams

Captured under my hood.”
“I fail to see

The cause of your distress,”

I said spontaneously.

At me, he smiled,

Walking away with the pain,

A pain, not so mild.
— Darsh Khetan


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