A word unkept, A promise broken, An unpaid debt, A lie spoken; Deeds like these, Make me restless, Ruining my peace, Making nights sleepless. It happens so For reason sole, Easy to know, A gulity soul. Only way out Is being truthful; Without a doubt, Life remains peaceful. -Darsh Khetan (31/08/2016)


The world is a great place or not, I have no clue, But how it leaves you to rot, Is what I know to be true. You make a mistake, You won't be forgiven; Your happiness will go at stake, Of that smile, you'll be ridden. You prove yourself a million times, Though in an … Continue reading Mistakes


A step was taken by her Which took her away from me; Grey began to grow on the weather Which, I suppose, she failed to see. I stood there, cold as a stone, As she slowly walked away; On the sky, clouds casted their tone, Darker than the night was that day. My heart called … Continue reading Alone

Still Together

Tearing my heart apart, She drained out all the love it had; When I saw her kiss him hard, Thinking of me, not even a tad. She feels nothing for him, she says, Knows not how it all happened; She wants us to live our happy days, To keep each other's love that we gained. … Continue reading Still Together


  I weeped as she cried aloud, It went on for hours together; No way out could be found, For the sin committed by her. A war waged furious in my heart, Between two feelings so prominent; The love for her that I had since ages, And the anger risen at the moment.   I … Continue reading Forgiveness