Success Flying High

Happy about the fact That your plane of success Floats high in the sky? Ever wondered Who the pilot is? Who does the crew consist of? Let's do it now, Break this to you today. Your self-confidence Plays the pilot, Essentially driving your success. And your dear ones Play the cabin crew Supporting the pilot … Continue reading Success Flying High

She Weeps, She Cries

She weeps at times, At time she cries; There lies a difference though, The difference, I am about to show.   She weeps at times, When she misses him with a broken heart; At times she cries, When he gets back to fix those broken parts. She weeps at times, When he scolds her for … Continue reading She Weeps, She Cries

A Cipher

Originally drawn up as a number, the cipher, This is just what we fail to remember; Using it these days in a way another, Calling it as a name to each other. The person you once looked down upon as a loser, Today turns out to be quite wiser; Yes, maybe not in an arena … Continue reading A Cipher

That Lonely Girl

The wind blew cold and wild at her window, As she neared it with her footsteps slow. Tears from her eyes went down flowing, And a pain in her heart was rapidly growing. She could feel the wind rubbing by her skin, And those tears went dripping down her chin, When suddenly she felt a … Continue reading That Lonely Girl

Unveiling The Truth Of Your Devotion

Ever wondered why do you worship God? Ever wondered what is your aim in praying to him? Is it your devotion to him, really? Or is it fear for him that makes you pray? Is it the fear of the exceptional devotees around you That makes you pray Ever thought of raising your voice Against … Continue reading Unveiling The Truth Of Your Devotion