Meet the Team

Talent creates ideas, but an effective execution requires an efficient teamwork. So here’s something about a few people who gave my ideas the necessary push when it was utmost needed!

People Behind the Moves

The REAPERS Dance Crew

As mentioned in my overview before, my beginning at MIT was almost as a non-dancer. It was this team that gave me all the reasonable support for me to step towards being an artist in the field I was so enthusiastic about.

Sowmith Vatsavai

So this is how Sowmith pulled me into the arena of dance: Him: Are you here for the auditions? Me: I was, but I just saw you perform, and I’m pretty sure this thing isn’t my cup of tea at all! Him: Well, if that’s what you think, I’m not letting you go without auditioning with us! And ever since he has never given up on inspiring me, motivating me, pushing me beyond boundaries that I never myself could! All my freestyling, lyrical, hip-hop motivation comes from him!

Sagi Ajay Varma

A B-Boy artist himself, he is easily the one of the people who cared the most about correcting my dance techniques in various ways. As harsh as his scoldings were upon me, he truly was the one who wished for me and the crew as a whole to move forward in any and all ways possible.

Sai Teja

The best advisor to me for my dance, Teja worked closely on my dance for over a year, and continues to do so even to this day.

Meghna Mulani

A pseudo mother to all of the REAPERS, Meghna acted as the support system of the crew as a whole, and thus, of me too. A perfect stage performer at the heart, she continues to advise me on my work, and help me eliminate my flaws through her timely reviews.

Gunjal Parekh

The beginning of the dancing days of Gunjal dates back to his childhood, including the various television appearances he made in the field. I could easily call him an analyst of dance, given the manner in which he effectively scrutinizes every dance performance and is able to foresee any potential issues with a performance.

Ann Mary George

If she were to be described in a single statement, one would say that she’s the successor of Meghna. She acted as an effective support to the administration of the crew in her own way, especially during her days as the Vice-President of The REAPERS Dance Crew during our tenure as the board members.

Jaahnavi Garikipati

Apart from the heads, every system requires the limbs to efficiently carry out its tasks, and Jaahnavi acted well as one of it, even before she assumed her position as the General Secretary of The REAPERS Dance Crew.

Paluri Sai Srinath

The heart of the crew as a whole, Srinath is the one who keeps everyone a little light-headed on all matters. An amazing tutting artist himself, he had a considerable exposure in the field of dance even before he became a part of The REAPERS Dance Crew.

Chinmay Datar

A dance enthusiast himself, Chinmay provided effective administrative and media support to me as well as to The REAPERS Dance Crew time and again, apart from the occasional dance performances that he gave.

Sindhu Kamath

Every artist tends to become stagnant in his form after a certain period of time, until he is provided with a necessary push to upgrade himself. Sindhu acted as this push to me at one point of time. An amazing hip-hop artist herself, Sindhu helped me open up to new opportunities in the field of dance which I otherwise might have remained unexplored.

People Behind the Emotion

ADA Dramatics

A young body in the field of dramatics, ADA Dramatics is mainly based at Manipal, but continues to make a mark at various national level events in the field of theatre and dramatics. It was this group that helped me gain my first exposure in the arena of acting, and beared with me while I struggled my way through the initial days.

Mithil Raj Goswami

One of the finest directors and actors I have ever encountered, Mithil is able to fathom the depths of any script and analyse it in his own way, apart from delivering it in a manner that is entirely set apart from the rest. One of the directors of my first theatrical play, he is one from whom any actor can learn a great deal within a short span of time.

Sidharth Sahoo

Former President of ADA Dramatics, Sidharth was the one to rope me in, into the world of dramatics and helped me feel like home at ADA Dramatics. Apart from his occasional centre-stage performances, Sidharth specialises in directing and performing streetplays, or “Nukkad Natak” as it is popularly called.

Srijan Agarwal

He is the Former Dramatics Head of ADA Dramatics, and that says it all about his knowledge in multiple departments of dramatics, ranging from lights and sounds to direction and acting. Merely watching him directing another actor helps one to grow a lot as an actor.

Medha Katiyar

The lead director for my first theatrical play. Medha is one who always has a vision for her plays and is able to deliver in just the manner, apart from her exceptional writings in Hindi language.

Asmitha Asokan

Asmitha is the kind of person who can easily fill in the role for any kind of work in a dramatics, be it acting, direction, singing, sets, lights, sounds, music, or writing, and still performance her task with utmost efficiency!

Shubham Kumar Sinha

The capabilities of Shubham as a director are one of the top-notch, which made him my first choice to direct my first officially shot dance video.

People Behind the Lens

Sitanshu Sah

Sitanshu acted as a major videographer and photographer for me during my days at Manipal by being available for a shoot at almost all times when I needed him. He has captured one of the finest videos on my channel, and you could look it up for yourself to know what I mean!

B. Shravan Kumar

Polite in his actions, Shravan is the Videography Head of The Photography Club, Manipal, and came to my help for my first officially shot dance video, apart from our other collaborations.

Chinmay Datar

Not a professional videographer as such, Chinmay did a fine job at capturing numerous dance videos by always being available for a shoot.

Deep Kothari

Deep came at the disposal during the holidays at Manipal when I hardly had any of my videographer friends around, helping me with multiple video shoots within a short span of time.

Nabil Syed

The perfect ending to my dance video days at Manipal was given to me by Nabil, by being at my disposal at the required time. An excellent videographer as well as photographer, he is a great junior and friend I could ask for.

Rishik Tiwari

The founder of Rivid, and a newly added videographer to the team, Rishik was the first go-to person for me when it came to shooting videos once I began settling back in Mumbai. Our first video collaboration on “Tujhe Bhula Diya” is out now, and the video speaks enough about him and his skills!

People Behind the Styling

Rhea Singh

A newly added member to the team, Rhea is a fashion student who has lately been giving me advices on the kind of outfits I could go for in my videos based on the set and the mood of the song, and thus, helps in increasing the visual appeal of the video greatly!