Untouchable Of Today

Come, Let us focus today, On the life of a miserable soul; Who, Isn't supposed to Touch anyone around; Who, Isn't welcomed to Any auspicious occassion around; Who, Isn't allowed to Step a foot on a sacred ground; Who, Cannot come to Moan over a dead loved one found; Who, Isn't let to Serve the … Continue reading Untouchable Of Today


A word unkept, A promise broken, An unpaid debt, A lie spoken; Deeds like these, Make me restless, Ruining my peace, Making nights sleepless. It happens so For reason sole, Easy to know, A gulity soul. Only way out Is being truthful; Without a doubt, Life remains peaceful. -Darsh Khetan (31/08/2016)


The world is a great place or not, I have no clue, But how it leaves you to rot, Is what I know to be true. You make a mistake, You won't be forgiven; Your happiness will go at stake, Of that smile, you'll be ridden. You prove yourself a million times, Though in an … Continue reading Mistakes

Success Flying High

Happy about the fact That your plane of success Floats high in the sky? Ever wondered Who the pilot is? Who does the crew consist of? Let's do it now, Break this to you today. Your self-confidence Plays the pilot, Essentially driving your success. And your dear ones Play the cabin crew Supporting the pilot … Continue reading Success Flying High

A Cipher

Originally drawn up as a number, the cipher, This is just what we fail to remember; Using it these days in a way another, Calling it as a name to each other. The person you once looked down upon as a loser, Today turns out to be quite wiser; Yes, maybe not in an arena … Continue reading A Cipher