The Misunderstood

A boy I knew, Of a kind that you Find very few; I met him by chance, And he had my attention In the first glance. He stood there stiff, With his foot On the edge of the cliff; "Don't jump!" I screamed, Tears from his eyes Rolled down, streamed. "Just like every other You … Continue reading The Misunderstood


Ever felt as if you are hopeless? As if you are utterly dumb, As if you are a total mess? Ever felt as if you are foolish? As if you are totally wrong, As if your thoughts are rubbish? Ever felt as if you are stupid? As if no good decision you make, As if, … Continue reading Lost

Knowing That It’s You

Here, I stand, With the moon above, And beside me there’s you; Not knowing who’s prettier, Yet knowing that it’s you.   Here, I realize, This is the moment I awaited, For confessing my love to you; Not knowing if it is an act right, Yet knowing that it’s true.   Here, I walk up … Continue reading Knowing That It’s You

I Fell For Her

I know not why it all happened, I know not how I fell for her; But that feeling left me rattled, Feeling, that I could never get over.   I respect her in all ways, Adore her for her deeds, All of which began to raise This love about which you read.   Never could … Continue reading I Fell For Her


The world is a great place or not, I have no clue, But how it leaves you to rot, Is what I know to be true. You make a mistake, You won't be forgiven; Your happiness will go at stake, Of that smile, you'll be ridden. You prove yourself a million times, Though in an … Continue reading Mistakes